6 sept. 2010

Nuestro invitado Roman Bridger / Our guest Roman Bridger

El disco bonus de Scream ofrece una entrevista de Gale Weathers a Roman Bridger. En el borrador original del guión de Scream 3 Gale Weathers aparecía presentando su programa de televisión y entrevistando a Roman Bridger, director de videos musicales. Había numerosos fans de Stab disfrazados como Ghostface y durante la pausa publicitaria el detective le comunicaba a Gale que Ben Damon (actor de Stab 3) y su novia (actriz de Stab 2) habían sido asesinados.

The Scream bonus disc features an interview of Gale Weathers to Roman Bridger. In the original draft of the script for Scream 3 Gale Weathers appeared  presenting her tv show and interviewing Roman Bridger, director of music videos. There were many Stab´s fans dressed as Ghostface and during the commercial break the detective informed her that Ben Damon (actor Stab 3) and his girlfriend (actress Stab 2) had been murdered.

ROMAN BRIDGER is the most recent of a crop of acclaimed music video directors to make the jump to feature films. Following the likes of David Fincher, Spike Jonze, Hype Williams, and others, Roman will bow with the latest segment in Sunrise Studios Stab series. Stab 3 promises to be a tour de force ride into horror with Mr. Bridger at the helm. Because of his cult following on MTV, many feel that Roman defines hip, cool and edgy within the wonderful world of popular culture. Whether putting Rifkiner Eminime in a polar bear suit on a New York City street or dropping Jewel into the Sahara desert, this director is always breaking trends and cutting edges. I sat down with the flirtatious Mr. Bridger in his suite at the Beverly Hills Meridian to talk to him about styles, love, and, of course, Stab 3.

G: Well, Roman, you are hot, hot, hot!

RB: That's very nice, Gale, thank you. (Pause) You're not so bad yourself.

G: Total Entertainment is running strong and I just had a make over with relaxation queen Annie DiNewsee. Enough about me, tell us how Stab came about for you. 

RB: Well, my agent, Beverly Choi, is good friends with super producer John Milton and she heard that he was looking for someone fresh to direct this picture. Beverly sold him on me with my reel and he, in turn, sold Sunrise on my skills. It's just been a whirlwind to be honest with you.

G: How is your vision going to vary from Fred Rifkin's vision of the trilogy?
RB: First, let me say that no one will be able to replace or one-up Fred. I grew up on him and he is the king of horror. I'm just glad that I have the honor of following in his footsteps. It's really such a shame that we can't communicate about Stab 3 because I'd love to hear his input on the flick. In terms of me, I feel that I bring urban smarts and cutting edge energy to all of my projects. I think that overall my kinetic camera work will really add to the series. I'm looking forward to putting my fingerprint on the picture.

G: That sounds so exciting... What's going on in your love life right now?

RB: Nothing serious. I'm casually dating a couple ladies at the moment. You know, Gale, I'm really saving myself for you.

G: I try not to date directors, too many casting couch temptations. Seriously though, give me the dish on Stab 3. Who's slated to star in it?

RB: Gale, I wish I could say, but Master Milton has sworn all of us to secrecy on everything. I will only say that the script gives the film the shot to be the best one yet.

G: Tell me about the projects that you have lined up after this film?

RB: I have a two-picture deal with Sunrise so I'm hoping to get my Hip-Hop musical Calling All Homies off the ground there. It's actually a wonderful story about a down on his luck plumber who finds his shinning star in the rap game. It was written by my personal favorite Rifkiner O'Sell'Ya.

 G: Sounds phat, Roman.

RB: Oh, it's really phat. Then, I have a comedy in the works for Def Jam that will star Def Jef and, hopefully, SHAQ. I can only say that it's the Karate Kid of the hip-hop genre.

G: Any other music videos to look for?

RB: A sexy gem for Jennifer Lopez. She is so hot! Her fans will love it. Then, I'm kinda' hoping you'll make the transition to the mic, Gale. I could do your video. You'd be a real pleasure to work with.

G: You're reading my mind, director boy. I was just thinking that Gale Weathers could use a record. Maybe a pop album will be my next venture. It'd be a sure fire hit with you doing the first video.

RB: We'd be quite a duo.

G: Don't get too far ahead of yourself, Sonny.

 Entrevista del borrador de Scream 3 / Scream 3 Early Draft Interview


GALE WEATHERS, the flashy thirty-something news anchor and author of the
WOODSBORO MURDERS. She sits behind a desk on the really ditzy, loud set for
TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT, an ET style program with a live studio audience.

            Good morning Hollywood. And today
            officially starts the Summer movie
            season. Opening the box office this
            week is Jeff Bridges and Tim Robins
            in Arlington Street,  Eugene Levy
            and Jason Biggs in American Pastry,
            and Tori Spelling and David Schwimmer
            in STAB 2, based off my best selling
            book the WINDSOR MURDERS.

CAMERA pans across the audience. Many of them are dressed as the GHOST. A sea
of white screaming faces. Very eerie and unsettling.

            Well I see a lot of the audience has dressed
            to the occasion. Today we have director of the
            upcoming STAB 3: RETURN TO WOODSBORO, Roman
            Bridger. Why don't we give Mr. Bridger a nice
            welcome to the set of Total Entertainment.
The crowd goes wild with applause and faux-knife slashes as ROMAN BRIDGER,
ravishingly handsome, 29, tall and stocky, enters stage dressed in a flashy
white suit. He sits down on a chair beside Gale's desk, places a STAB 3 coffee
mug beside Gale's hand.

            Good morning Gale. Pleasure to be here.

            It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Roman.

               (addressing audience)
            Well it's a honor to be here amongst so
            many fans of the genre. And I must say
            that any of you worried that Jerry Rapp,
            or Tori or David not returning to complete
            the STAB trilogy, have no fear, Roman is
            here. Aided with my excellent cast of
            newcomers I believe we're going to pull
            off one of the best Stabs yet.

            Roman, from your enthusiasm it certainly
            seems that way.
                (a beat)
            Honestly though,
            tell us, what's    your favorite scary movie?

              (a long pause)
            Honestly, my life.

A eclectic hush falls over the crowd. Roman appears somewhat sinister in this
light. Gale gazes deeply into Roman's eyes.

            Your life?

            Well if you were in my shoes, dealing with
            those big Time Sunrise Studio producers like
            I do on a daily basis, you'd watch how quick
            your life goes from a Walt Disney picture to
            a Tobe Hooper flick.

Roman smiles. The true costumed horror film buffs in the audience break into
applause. Gale, somewhat distracted, other what not caring what this second
rate director has to say, gazes at a costumed individual at the far corner of
the set, watching from a half-open exit door. Now it could be just her
imagination running away with her and her atmosphere but it almost appears as
if the figure is pantomiming slitting his throat with a gleaming blade.

A LOUD BUZZING O.S.  Gale is startled out of her skin. She looks up at a sign
hanging over the stage. THE WORD "COMMERCIAL BREAK" is illuminated in flashing
red light. Gale sighs, looks back to the exit. The GHOST is gone. She turns to

            Would you excuse me for a moment?


Gale bolts for --

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