29 sept. 2010

Real Maureen Prescott

¿Quieres conocer a la auténtica Maureen Prescott? Lynn McRee, que interpretó a Maureen en Scream (a través de fotografías) y en Scream 3. Precisamente, durante su juventud trabajó como modelo, y las fotos que el asesino dejaba en Scream 3 también eran de ella. En esta página ella misma cuenta a algunos detalles acerca de su vida.

Want to know the real Maureen Prescott? Lynn McRee, who played Maureen in Scream (through photographs) and Scream 3. Indeed, during his youth worked as a model, and the photos that the murderer left in Scream 3 also were hers. In this page she has some details about her life.

I'm in my 5th decade on the planet & I’ve enjoyed lots of different careers through the years.  Here’s a summary of the highlights (the ones I remember): After graduating from Lowell High, in S.F., I moved to NYC to pursue my “photographic modeling career”, signing with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. At my height (5’7”) runway modeling was out; plus, I’ve always loved the camera. People tell me it loves me too….good thing!

After 2 years of some success (by my standards), I wanted to travel the world, so I was hired by the world’s largest airline (at the time) United, as a Flight Attendant. My first base was NYC for a year, then L.A. for another year.  Although I was being groomed to become an International In-flight Supervisor (flight attendant police), I chose a different path in life…

I have always been interested in what makes a person truly healthy (still am) in body/mind/soul wholeness, so I went to the L.A. College of Massage & Physical Therapy & became a licensed, certified Massage Therapist.  I worked for the swanky Aida Gray Salon, in Beverly Hills, while I was also in private, mobile practice around the greater L.A. area; while living in Malibu.

Next came the life style choice to move back home to where I lived during my teenage years, Sonoma.  It was here, in Wine Country, that I began another career that would last 12 years in the wine business, always employed at the supplier end, the winery itself.  I worked for Bealieu Vineyards, Sebastiani, Kenwood, Johnson’s Alexander Valley&, lastly, Fritz Cellars, in that chronological order.  I was employed as a Tour Guide, Tasting Room Manager, Marketing Director, Publicist, National Distribution Director & Legal Compliance Manager.  I truly loved this life-style career I lived/worked in.

The Best Western hotel, in Yountville, Napa Valley, hired me next to be their Corporate Business Manager, at theYountville Lodge.   I stayed there a year, while learning that I was never wired to be in a 9-5 corporate office environment. During this time, a friend took a new headshot of me, gave it to 1 of the only 2 Talent Agencies, in S.F. at the time, Grimme Agency, Jimmy Grimme signed me & my acting career was born. 

Meanwhile, 25+/- years later, I’m still acting, but nowadays as a member of the Screen Actors Guild!  My lastest work is MILK as Mayor Moscone’s Secretary! Somewhere in this mix, I wanted to get back to flying so I started working as a Flight Attendant for an airline, Reno Air, that was purchased by AA, 10 years ago! I’m still flying, out of SFO, while acting at every opportunity!

Just look at where I live, in Upcountry Maui, and imagine what type of girl would live here!  You got it...one who loves Mother Maui and all of the creatures in her natural environment!  I prefer outside, instead of inside...all natural, instead of clothed...my skin in the sun & wind, not protected by anything!  I'm a World Traveler and I love the first visit to any place!  The best way for me to learn about my planet and myself is to travel in the world, to very different cultures than the ones I grew up in (Oahu & N. California) and use all of my senses to "know" the culture.

I love islands & scuba diving in warm waters!  I grew up with horses and love the way animals live only in the present moment & are total optimists...people have a lot to learn from them!  My goal: to live each moment as if it were my last!

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