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Verano de 1999 : Archivo de Noticias de Scream 3 / Summer of 99: Scream 3 Old News

4th of March 1999

Scream 3 has had three major signings in the past week.. Arquette is back on Cox is signed and so is Neve.. So December 10 full steam ahead Wes will be directing again.. It will be interesting to see if his style has changed after making the dramatic "50 Violins"...

14th of April 1999

On an observation note.. Here's some mere speculation.. Liev Schreiber has not been officially signed on for SCREAM 3.. Could the character of Cotton be succesfully ingnored in a sequel to the "Scream" saga? Or is this a Kevin Williamson and brothers Weinstein little tactic for having the audience discount him as the murderer. Well if he doesn't appear on the poster, in the opening credits, would one call him the killer. Mere speculation not actually true.. More food for thought.. I had to sell my Liev Star BOND when the news hit he wasn't signed for Scream 3.

19th of April 1999

News on "Scream 3" has emerged on a page by Megan (The onwe who runs the best Scream site on the NET at this point in time) at The Site of Scream. Has caught a rumor from a recent exhibitionist shin dig, that SCREAM 3 will be as in the style of The Godfather part 2. A bit of a Prequel and Sequel.. Meaning it may go back to the few days leading up to the death of Sidneys mother.. Megan speculates that this will tie into the identity of the killer of the next film.. Adding fuel to the fire of my speculation that COTTON did kill Sid's mother.. And that he is the murderer.. Hence the reason why Liev Schreiber's not being added to any of the cast lists floating around.. Because Williamson, wes and the Weinstein's don't want you to count him as a suspect.. Is it wrong to speculate on who the killer is in the next scream film when the thing hasn't even started being filmed yet??

27th of April 1999

So "Scream 3" is set to be going through the paces of an internet "DIS"information scheme, as was with Scream 2. http://www.scream-trilogy.com/ This page is claiming that Neve Campbell will only be on set shooting for Scream3 for 3 weeks which could mean that her roll is reasonably smaller in this film. "Scream Trilogy" have recently released a list of MIGHT BE's for the cast of the next movie.. Sarah Polley (GO), Ben Affleck (nearly everything else miramax has made over the last couple of years.), Kate Hudson (200 Cigarettes), Parker Posey (Doom Generation, Amteur and Daytrippers) Breckin Meyer (The Craft, ANOES 6. He was the one who was put in the Nintendo game.. "NOW YOUR PLAYING WITH POWER"). A very nice page is the Scream Trilogy page for fans of the series. Other stuff I found at that page.. Some guy named "Master P" will be doing the soundtrack, the MTV interview actually hints that Master P would be doing the score, but could be sarcasm, as this would take away the brillaint scoring Bletrami has done thus far.

19th of May 1999

 More news on "Scream 3" has appeared at KevinWilliamson.com. It's about the casting of the new film and that it would likely end up having some people from WB series TV (Buffy, Felicity, Dawsons Creek, Charmed) so it could be Keri Russel, Shannon Doherty or Alyssa Milano. Roger Jackson will return again as the VOICE on the telephone, but in this sequel the voice will have a more substantial role. Matthew Lillard will not be in this film (Stu from part 1).. Star spotters would have picked him in the party scene in Scream 2.

20th of May 1999

A new poster from the film SCREAM 3 has appeared at Cannes and on www.scream-trilogy.com.
This is not the official poster but a teaser designer for the film festival. Scream Trillogy page has also posted comments on the sections of the screenplay that have been read. The outline has changed a little.. Sidney Prescott goes to Hollywood (with help from Gale Weathers) as an assistant to a snobby actress. The film 's PRESENT (as it will have flashbacks) is just before "Stab 2" is to go into production. Sidney is forced to look into her past and is aided by someone who says they knew Mrs. Loomis. The film will reference "Urban Legend", "ISKWyDLS" and Jennifer Love Hewitt. But there still is no rumor of her being cast in the film.

1st of June 1999

"Scream 3" news that has appeared at Scream-Trilogy page this week concerns Courtney Cox and David Arquette and an interview they did on Entertainment tonight, they were asked if they have read the script yet and Corteney replied "no", David followed up with "We're just in the trenches.. the acting trenches.". In another interview this time in chat room Liev Schreiber from the previous two scream films (Cotton). When Liev was asked (in this unofficial chat) if who was going to be in the next Scream film he replied, "I don't know but not me. There is enough killings in movies without me. I really don't like the scary movies.". So Liev hasn't been asked. If Liev is not in the next film than the "Flash Back" Godfather 2 like Scream 3 prooving further Cotton's innocence, but will Skeet Urlich (Billy Loomis)return in the flash backs?? Who knows, or are we going to be hit with some other bizarre twist like Sidney Prescott killed her own mother and it wasn't Billy, she'd just programmed Billy with her flashy middle class living and good looks.. Who knows but one thing is for sure, the speculation level for this film will be at an all time high and the conclusion will not live up to the speculation.

4th of June 1999

More Scream 3 casting rumours appeared on Australian E! Entertainment News. Same old rumoured actors including, Ben Afflexk, Kate Hudson, and Breckin Meyer. E Closed saying there is a possibility that Drew Barrymore will be back for a second Cameo.. Well if Scream 3 is going to be anything like Godfather 2.. Well there is a very big possibility that we could see Drew's character Casey alive and kicking again in a flash back. Maybe as she dumps Stu for that other guy.

12th of June 1999

 "Scream 3" recieved a kick in the guts today. A rumor has hit CSO saying that only 30 pages of Kevin Willaimson's script have been written. Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox are also rumored to be worried that they will not have shot the film by the time there respective shows go back. Remember this Scream FANS. Way back at the start of the Scream 3 gossip and that there was going to be a disinformation circus surrounding the whole film. Also remember that Williamson had handed in a couple of extra pages with the original screenplay that contained ideas for a sequel. So who knows this might just be a rumor. So instead of June 15 being the start of filming.. We are now looking at July 7. (A couple of days after the Craven and Streep film is released).

15th of June 1999

Williamson is off the scriptwriting for Scream 3, he is overworked with the film "Teaching Mrs. Tingle", the current TV series "Dawson's Creek" and the incoming TV series "Wasteland" according to Yahoo news. "Arlington Road" writer Enhren Kruger (great last name) will be taking of shoot script detail. So whether or not the screenplay for the new Scream film will be as good is yet to be decided. Williamson will now be script supervisor and will polish if necessary, Wes Craven and Dimension are still planning on shooting July 7. (CSO)

24th of June 1999

According to www.wwf316.net Stone Cold Steve Austin will be appearing in "Scream 3" as a police chief. This is still in the rumour phase. Austin is of course an accomplished actor in his own right appearing every week in the soap sport show wwf and the very dull Nash Bridges.

25th of June 1999

The Following info on Scream 3 is ripped completely from CSO, I could not narrow this down any more than it is. It has info on the collaboration and not really anything I would call a spoiler. It paints Williamson in a less than positive light, or at least his ego.
Megan Anderson of the KevinWilliamson.com and Scr3am.net websites checked in with information she alleges came from a "reliable source" regarding the state of the Scream 3 production. Here’s what Megan provided:
Today I received an email from a seemingly reliable source who provided me with some information and rumors that haven't been said before. Some of which are potential minor spoilers. This source (if telling the truth) has contacts close to the production, so we get a few peeks into some things that haven't been announced.
First off, he told me a bit about the Kruger/Williamson controversy. Apparently Kruger came in in the beginning of June to help lighten Kevin's work load. Kevin wrote the beginning and ending first, so Ehren only needed to write the middle portion of the film, which Kevin then made extensive rewrites of. He (Kevin) also insisted he be given writing credit when the movie is released.
This scooper really admires Kruger as a writer and says that the script is more funny than it is scary, however it's also more of a psychological thriller (which I hear Kruger is very good at).
The entire script has been seen by no one around the production, only bits and pieces. One scene in particular impressed this source which involves Sidney in a very dramatic scene. Word has it [that] might be cut, but that hasn't been decided yet. Personally, it sounds like a great scene and I hope it remains in the film. It is a minor spoiler, but the scene is said to have Sidney considering suicide. Kruger wrote an excellent speech for Sidney to give during this scene, where she contemplates what's real and what isn't, and how she feels she is just watching her life rather than living it.
Speaking of cut scenes, only one is said to have been cut due to the recent school shootings. A particular scene took place in a school, only with knives as opposed to guns. It is said to have been very disturbing and was in good taste that it was removed.
As we know, the killers in Scream 2 weren't revealed to even the cast members until the last few days of shooting. That is likely to happen again especially considering the killer(s) haven't been decided on yet.
The cast is allegedly almost in place, though who exactly the cast is is being kept quiet. One person mentioned is a name I haven't heard tied to this film before and that is Anne Heche. It is said she might be up for a part that is similar to Gale: possibly a reporter on the set of Gale's new movie (which, incidentally might not be Stab 2). Heche appeared in I Know What You Did... so it might not be completely unheard of for her to have a role in this one. A little more was said about Heche in particular being relevant to the role. It said her character would be killed in a similar fashion to her role in Psycho. Which is why they would want Anne in particular.
As far as the rest of the cast goes, don't expect as many TV stars as have been predicted, especially those of Dawson's Creek and Felicity. However, those of Buffy don't seem to have been ruled out yet.
Alicia Silverstone is apparently still being courted for a role, but she has made it clear to the studio that she will have no part in it.
The two other most popular names that have been linked to the film are Heather Graham and Ben Affleck. This source tells me they won’t have a major role in the film. Note the word "major." There is apparently room for plenty of celebrity cameos seeing as the setting is LA. In addition, it is said to be a bit of a satire on Hollywood itself.

Roger Jackson is indeed returning and he says he likes his part. It looks like he might have a stronger presence this time, in more ways than one.
And now for the most surprising piece of information from this email, he says that one scene has already been filmed. If that's true, it just goes to show exactly how tight production has been and will continue to be. Personally, I am very pleased to hear that. Hopefully they'll continue to be more successful with protecting this film than they were with Scream 2.

30th of June 1999

"Scream 3" will not have a cameo containing wrestling star Steve Austin this is just another casting rumor, the second time it reared it's head forced my fingers to type it on the page a while back sorry wrestling fans. This is info according to www.scream-trilogy.com , Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy) is now likely to make it to the film .

2nd of July 1999

Parker Posey is officially Joining Scream 3 cast according to the Hollywood reporter and HO.

5th of July 1999

Yet again the Steve Austin in "Scream 3" rumour has popped up.. 'Steve Austin is apparently going to play a big part in Scream 3, the sequel to the ever so popular horror series, playing a policeman to be the partner of main character "Dewey".' (thanks to my brother for the tip). This came from a Austin fansiter www.wwf316.net and is still really a rumour, wainting on official word. But imagine Austin saying to Mr Ghostface "Gimme a Hell Yeah!" and than looking down to see a dagger protruding from his stomach, followed by Roger Jackson's voice coming from a mobile Austin is carrying "Hell Yeah.".. Oh.. More when sick sad world continues. In other Scream news. Two teenagers (Mario Padilla 17 and Samuel Ramirez 15) who have tried to pass the buck on the murder of Padilla's mother and Gina Costillo in January of 98. The Two teens were unable to use the "Scream" series as a scape goat for there murder rampage as the judge barred any reference to the films that might be introduced as evidence. Obviously the judge saw the irony the films used and the teens tried to pull it passed him only to admit there guilt as premeditated.

6th of July 1999

 More on Scream 3 as shooting begins tomorrow. Not much in the way of casting has been said but according to kevinwilliamson.com, Claire Daines (Mod Squad)has been scene around the casting office. About the story, well Sidney is now going to be more stand-offish when it comes to guys (well the las to boyfriends she had well they aren't alive, once it was Bond Girls, Maybe Prescott Boys). There is the likelyhood of more female characters and a gay male friend to replace Randy (Will this gay friend be anything like the one in Bride of Chucky??). Other actors named on kw.com are, Nicholas Brendon (who plays Xander on Buffy). But I still expect this film to rotate more around the most evil character in the series so far "Gale Weathers", if this had been any other horror series the reporter would have been dead by the end of the 2nd act. Even film-makers believe in justice?

7th of July 1999

More casting for Scream 3 has appeared on DH and scream-trilogy.com they are Scott Foley (Dawson's Creek, Felicity), and Matthew Keeslar (Urban Folk Tales/ Last Days of Disco). Scott will play a young hip video-clip director ala- Hype Williams?? I guess we'll have to wait and see?
It's official Stone Cold Steve Austin has been given a HELL YEAH to enter the cast of "Scream 3". Wrestlers have had their place in horror remember Roddy Piper in "They Live". The above has been confirmed on HO. Other actor to join according to HO are Eliza Dushku (Buffy/ True Lies), Ethan Erickson (Buffy for a couple of eps and Jawbreaker) and Kate Hudson (200 ciggys). (HO)

8th of July 1999

In an interview with Eon magazing Ehren Kruger has stated this "Miramax asked me to do some work on Scream 3. Kevin Williamson had turned in an outline for it, but felt he was too over taxed to go forward. They showed it to me and told me to take what I liked from it and discard what I didn't and fashion a screenplay. So I have been working on that for the last few weeks." (CSO)

15th of July 1999

According to scream-trilogy.com the film Scream 3 is still expected to make it's December 10 release date. The films trailer is set to come out in September. www.kevinwilliamson.com's scream 3 news section has revealed that Matt Kessler will be playing a lead role in Stab 2 in the film, and Parker Posey's love interest.

16th of July 1999

More casting for "Scream 3" has appeared on DH (and Variety) the news is that Emily Mortimer ("Ghost and the Darkness"), Patrick Dempsey ("Outbreak", "Fast Times", "lover Boy") and horror veteran Lance Henriksen ("Aliens", "Near Dark", "Millenium", Nature of the Beast", Wes Craven's Mindripper/ The Outpost, Man's Best Friend", "House 3", "Pumpkinhead", "The Terminator", "Piranha II", Omen II, Close Encounters of the 3rd kind, Tales From the Crypt, Nightmares, Alien 3, The Visitor, Mansion of the Doomed) have all signed onto the project which is currently shooting. Also TV sitcom actor Deon Richmond (Trippin') is set to be a role in "Stab 2".(DH)

23rd of July 1999

As you may have or may not have heard. Wes Craven has released an official statement about the plot for Scream 3. Here it is in Wes's words. "We’ve started shooting July 6 and will continue through mid-September. The cast includes Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Parker Posey, Scott Foley, Matt Keeslar, plus a few surprisesAs many of you already know, the story revolves around the making of STAB 3: RETURN TO WOODSBORO. As for the rest of the plot, well, the movie will be in theatres December 10, 1999...". But the scariest news on the site is that Gloira Etefan and N'Sync will be performing songs for Wes's first non-horror film "Music of the Heart" (formerly 50 violins), the film is based on those violin players from harlem that you may have seen play behind Madonna at one MTV show. The best news is that Wes Craven has finally gotten around to bringing his site in 1999. Well the last update to it was in 98.

16th of August 1999

"Scream 3" first set picture. Note that David Arquette appears to be standing.. So I guess that dispells the rumour that Dewey would be in a wheel chair. (DH)

31st of August 1999

"Scream 3" has taken MTV host and playboy Jenny McCarthy on board. Scream 3 only has a few more weeks left of shooting. McCarthy was at one stage going to be in the spoof.. Funny how things change. Parker Posey was taken out of context last week.. Her words were twisted.. And said in Jest. etcetera.. sorry for posting them just becasue E online had them.

16th of September 1999

The first big Scream 3 SPOILER has turned up at Darkhorizons. It is in relation to the first victims in the film. Take into account before HIGHLIGHTING the spoiler.. An old rumour.. That the Scream 3 film may not take on a straight forward scene ordering style, like in the first 2. There in fact could be some of that Pulp Fiction thing going on.. The person's killed at the begginning of the film could in fact really be, killed in a time frame, at the end of the film and if such a thing was true than they could in fact be the killers. Okay, now you are thinking I'm crazy.. Well I'm just reaching for the furthest plot twist.. Excuse me. But when you see what the reliable source had to say, you might not think me so twisted. One of the characters, has not yet been mentioned in the CASTING LIST. Highlight the below line with your cursor and mouse to read the SPOILER.

20th of September 1999

The princess from a galaxy far, far away (Carrie Fisher) has a cameo in "Scream 3" according to DH.

28th of September 1999

"Scream 3" has had it's release date pushed back to February 2000. Principal photography is likely to wrap in the next 2 days.. Silent Bob and JAy from the Kevin Smith films may end up getting a cameo.. Well both are Miramax so I guess it would not be unheard of.. (DH) on www.wescraven.com, the director confirmed for the first time that Liev Schreiber would be attached to the project. "[L]ast night ended the 3rd to last day of shooting, ending Liev Schreiber's days on the pic. We've already finished Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and most of the others. Courteney Cox and Parker Posey work Tuesday to end their work, and we have one last day, Wednesday, with Kelly [Rutherford] from Melrose Place. Then that's it!
"Also, the release date has officially been pushed back to Feb 7, 2000, due to the crowded slate of December - when it seems everybody and his brother is releasing a big film."

30th of September 1999

David Arquette has shaved off his Dewey facial hair after finishing the shoot for "Scream 3" and has told the following about the plot to POPCORN, "It's kind of weird because we're not supposed to tell too much, [b]ut I'll just say she works in a studio and the whole movie takes place in Hollywood… It's behind the scenes of a movie. There's cast members that are actually playing Courtney's character and my character and stuff like that."

October 1999

Scream 3, the sneak trailer should be appearing at the end of October. Parker Posey will be playing the role of an actres playing the role of Gale Weathers in the film. Eliza Dushku is not in the film according to Wes Craven..
Here is a nice "Scream 3" rumor that appeared on Darkhorizons. 'Jet' here from the set of "Scream 3". The "Stab 2" poster will be seen during the film, in a scene where a bus has passed by. "Stab 3" is in production and let's just say the killer is nearby. Surprise ending and shocking middle. The story is a bit centred more towards Gale, but Sidney will have a say. The body count will be lower than "Scream 2", and I'll just say 'expect the least expected'. Also, there are a few cameos, and Kelly Rutherford's character is quite surprising. Cotton Weary's scene is very slim. I'd like to tell you more since filming has finished, but I was only allowed on some sets." (DH)

16th of November 1999

Emily Mortimer has said the following in Vanity Fair about the casting for "Scream 3". "The audition was just so silly. There I am, suddenly transplanted in L.A., sitting in a corridor full of girls with cutesy T-shirts and big blond hair. I'm given a sheet of paper with five lines on it which I then go in and read to the casting agent. I didn't give a shit and it was all stupid and hilarious and she goes, 'My God, you're so right for this part.' It's such an unlikely thing but somehow the perfect thing for me to be doing." (CSO) If you haven't checked out the SCREAM3 official site.. Do yourself a favour.. And see the best attempt at a film website that MIRAMAX/DIMENSION has ever done. Very post-blairwitch.com .

30th of December 1999

Jamie Kennedy (Randy) will have a short cameo in "Scream 3". It is unknown if this is in a flash back (But remeber that there was that rumor that this film would go be a prequel/sequel).This according to AICN. (HFA NEWS)
More news on "Scream 3" cameos. According to Darkhorizons Heather Matazzaro from CBS TV's "Now and Again" will be popping up in the film. (DH) (HFA NEWS)

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