17 dic. 2010

Scream 4 planeada para 2002/Scream 4 planned for 2002

 Curioseando en imdb.com hemos encontrado una noticia antigua de Scream 4. En concreto de junio del año 2000 (4 meses despues del estreno de Scream 3), y contiene algunas declaraciones del director Wes Craven.

Snooping on imdb.com we found an old Scream 4 news. Specifcally June 2000 (four mouths after the release of Scream 3) and contains certain statements of director Wes Craven.

Another SCREAM movie is to be made - but creator and director Wes Craven has rejected an offer to work on the project. The director insisted there would be no more Scream movies after the third came out last year - saying that a fourth instalment would not work as the format would not support it. But DIMENSION FILMS is determined to make number four - although Craven, who is credited with the films' success, will not be involved. Craven says, "Dimension Films contacted me and asked if I would be interested in directing Scream 4. I declined. They have a screenwriter attached to the project and they're trying for a 2002 release." It is also unclear whether Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox ARQUETTE and David Arquette will return to their roles - all have said in recent interviews they thought the series of movies should be confined to a trilogy. » (WENN) 1 June 2000

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