16 oct. 2010

Scream Trio

En el portal de EW podemos ver otra nueva imagen del trio protagonista. Courteney a la izquierda con un cuchillo, Neve en el centro, y David a la derecha con la máscara de Ghostface colgada del bolsillo del pantalón.

In the EW portal we see another new picture of the trio. Courteney on the left with a knife, Neve in the center, and David on the right with the Ghostface mask hanging from his pants pocket.

''It was really exhilarating and really fun. We definitely feel like family. It's been, like, 14 years now that we've known each other and made these films and we've always had a lot of fun on them. That always creates a good atmosphere on set as well when you know people are going to have a good time.'' —Campbell

''I was supposed to die in the first one, and Wes kept me alive. So that was my favorite death scene: me coming back to life.'' —Arquette

Thanks to HelloSidney.com

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