15 dic. 2010

Regreso a 1999/Back to 1999

Os mostramos  un antiguo artículo, del año 1999, escrito por Megan Anderson, la creadora de Scr3am.net. En él, la webmaster comenta algunos detalles del proceso de pre-producción de la tercera parte de Scream.

We show you an old article, from 1999, written by Megan Anderson, owner of Scr3am.net. In it, the webmaster said some details of  the third Scream pre-production.

"Today I received an email from a seemingly reliable source who provided me with some information and rumors that haven't been said before. Some of which are potential minor spoilers. This source (if telling the truth) has contacts close to the production, so we get a few peeks into some things that haven't been announced.

First off, he told me a bit about the Kruger/Williamson controversy. Apparently Kruger came in in the beginning of June to help lighten Kevin's work load. Kevin wrote the beginning and ending first, so Ehren only needed to write the middle portion of the film, which Kevin then made extensive rewrites of. He (Kevin) also insisted he be given writing credit when the movie is released.

This scooper really admires Kruger as a writer and says that the script is more funny than it is scary, however it's also more of a psychological thriller (which I hear Kruger is very good at).

The entire script has been seen by no one around the production, only bits and pieces. One scene in particular impressed this source which involves Sidney in a very dramatic scene. Word has it [that] might be cut, but that hasn't been decided yet. Personally, it sounds like a great scene and I hope it remains in the film. It is a minor spoiler, but the scene is said to have Sidney considering suicide. Kruger wrote an excellent speech for Sidney to give during this scene, where she contemplates what's real and what isn't, and how she feels she is just watching her life rather than living it.

Speaking of cut scenes, only one is said to have been cut due to the recent school shootings. A particular scene took place in a school, only with knives as opposed to guns. It is said to have been very disturbing and was in good taste that it was removed.

As we know, the killers in Scream 2 weren't revealed to even the cast members until the last few days of shooting. That is likely to happen again especially considering the killer(s) haven't been decided on yet.

The cast is allegedly almost in place, though who exactly the cast is is being kept quiet. One person mentioned is a name I haven't heard tied to this film before and that is Anne Heche. It is said she might be up for a part that is similar to Gale: possibly a reporter on the set of Gale's new movie (which, incidentally might not be Stab 2). Heche appeared in I Know What You Did... so it might not be completely unheard of for her to have a role in this one. A little more was said about Heche in particular being relevant to the role. It said her character would be killed in a similar fashion to her role in Psycho. Which is why they would want Anne in particular.

As far as the rest of the cast goes, don't expect as many TV stars as have been predicted, especially those of Dawson's Creek and Felicity. However, those of Buffy don't seem to have been ruled out yet.

Alicia Silverstone is apparently still being courted for a role, but she has made it clear to the studio that she will have no part in it.

The two other most popular names that have been linked to the film are Heather Graham and Ben Affleck. This source tells me they won’t have a major role in the film. Note the word "major." There is apparently room for plenty of celebrity cameos seeing as the setting is LA. In addition, it is said to be a bit of a satire on Hollywood itself.

Roger Jackson is indeed returning and he says he likes his part. It looks like he might have a stronger presence this time, in more ways than one.

And now for the most surprising piece of information from this email, he says that one scene has already been filmed. If that's true, it just goes to show exactly how tight production has been and will continue to be. Personally, I am very pleased to hear that. Hopefully they'll continue to be more successful with protecting this film than they were with Scream 2." Megan Anderson (Scr3am.net)

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