7 sept. 2010

She said...

Aqui teneis el videoclip de "She said". La canción de la banda Collective Soul cerraba Scream 2 con la imagen de Sidney alejándose de la multitud para estar sola en los jardines del campus. La letra tiene bastante que ver con Sidney.  El video muestra algunas imágenes de la película.

Here you have the video of "She said". The song of the band Collective Soul closed Scream 2 with the image of Sidney moving away from the crowd to be alone in the gardens of the campus. The llyrics has something to do with Sidney. The video shows some footage from the film.

"She Said"

She said that time is unfair
To a woman her age
Now that wisdom has come
Everything else fades
She said she realizes
She's seen her better days
She said she can't look back
To her days of youth
What she thought were lies
She later found was truth
She said her daddy had dreams
But he drank them away
And her mother's to blame
For the way she is today

Life's river shall rise
She Said
And only the strong shall survive
She Said
But I'm feeling quite weak
She Said
Will you comfort and forgive me
She Said

She said she's still searching
For salvation's light
She said she wishes all day
And she prays all night
She said she won't speak of love
Because love she's never known
She said it's moments like these
She hates to be alone

Forgive me
She Said
Forgive me
She Said

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