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Localizaciones de Scream 4 / Scream 4 Filming Locations

Según /According beforethetrailer.com:

Scream 4 will start filming on Tuesday Aug.31st and shoot through Friday Sept.24th (small chance we will end earlier).   We will film mostly at 19223 Clement Rd. and will film about 3 days at 19260 Clement Rd.  We will only film Monday through Friday – 14 hours each day (estimated 4pm to 6am)  We will not film on the Weekends.

The township will be dropping off barricades on Clement Rd. at 7 Mile and at Frederick St.  These will be Hard Closures and we will only allow film crew and the residents whose house is within the closure to enter.  We will park the trucks along the side of Clement and use the road between the closure to push carts of gear and move our 80 ft. lifts with lights.  We will ALWAYS have a Fire Lane available in the event of an emergency.  We will also put a Local Access Only Barricade on Clement at Main St.

Dirección aproximada / Approximate adress

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